Frequently Asked Questions


I am a risk consultant with Illinois Risk Management Services. We provide risk and claims management and consulting services to hospital clients throughout Illinois. One of our hospital clients has expanded their telemetry monitoring to include ICU, step-down, and medical surgical beds; one tech is currently monitoring up to 48 patients, plus potentially 8 ICU bedside monitors. Another hospital client in their system has established a threshold of 50 patients before requiring a second monitoring tech. The hospitals have asked for our opinion, from a risk management standpoint, re: an appropriate monitor tech to patient ratio.

We would appropriately reference you (or any other source if you provide information from additional sources) in any opinion or advice (written or verbal) we provide to this client or any future clients.


There are no written guidelines, however I trained the monitor techs at Allegheny and they routinely watch a 42 bed telemetry unit.