Nursing career help and resources

Nurses are health professionals working to provide care in a variety of settings. Nurses can undergo general education and training to prepare them for broad and varied care. They can also pursue specialized knowledge to narrow the field of care provided. Possible nursing career options include primary care, pediatrics, research, trauma, surgical nursing, and infection control. Since the need for nurses is universal throughout the world, nurses might live virtually anywhere, providing general or specialized care for people of any age and in any environment.

Your nursing career: A look at the facts

How to become a Certified Nursing Assistant

With more than 3.1 – 3.6 million registered nurses in the United States, this profession is the largest within the health care field. Registered nurses with a Bachelor of Science degree are in demand.

Occupational employment and wages

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes wages and employment information for registered nurses. The median annual wage for registered nurses was $77,600 in May 2021.

Career options

Northeastern University shares a graph depicting career options for nurses. Opportunities include working in hospitals, community health, and nursing homes.

Certified nurse aide

Learn about this type of nursing career and the qualifications for it from the New York State Department of Labor.

About the midwifery profession

Certified nurse-midwives improve outcomes for new mothers and their children as primary-care providers during pregnancy and delivery.

Nursing opportunities in public health

Nurses who work in the public health field typically keep regular daytime hours with evenings and weekends free. Public health nurses often work directly with patients in their homes or clinics located in communities.

Career motivation in newly licensed registered nurses: What makes them remain

Newly licensed nurses may work in this career for a short time and then change course, leaving nursing. This report explores issues that may lead nurses to leave the profession and what could motivate them to stay.

Public health nurses share their perspectives and experiences working within this field. Public health nurses may work within school systems or in senior centers, for example.

Types of nursing education programs

The Oklahoma Board of Nursing provides an overview of common nursing education programs, including a bachelor’s degree, associate degree, and practical nursing programs.

Get on the path to nursing

Explore the field of registered nursing, learning about typical job opportunities, responsibilities, and potential wages, as outlined by the state of Alaska.

Supply, demand, and use of licensed practical nurses

Licensed practical nurses must study to earn licenses to practice nursing, but the educational requirements are less than registered nursing requirements.

Choosing a nursing program

People considering the nursing profession must decide which type of program to pursue education and training. The differences between registered nurses and licensed practical nurses will determine jobs available and earning potential.

LPNs: Are you practicing within your scope?

A newsletter published by the Iowa Board of Nursing explores some of the limitations for licensed practical nurses to ensure that these nurses practice within their limited scope.

What is nursing?

The American Nurses Association explores the occupation of nursing and the education process required to become a nurse.

Your future in pediatric nursing

Pediatric nurses practice specialized nursing to care for babies, children, and adolescents. Registered pediatric nurses may work in hospitals, clinics, and schools providing care for children.

What is neonatal nursing?

The Nurse Journal explores this field of specialty within the nursing profession. Neonatal nurses care for newborn infants experiencing health issues.

Licensing and careers

Massachusetts General Hospital provides information about the nursing profession, including earnings potential, working conditions, and opportunities for advancement.

Job outlook for registered nurses

Gwynedd Mercy University explores the professional future of registered nurses, providing information about earnings and typical work environment for people working in this field.

Nursing career information for students

The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses explores registered nursing within the field of Women’s Health and Neonatal Care. Nurses specializing within these fields often pursue additional training and certification to increase their skills.

Registered nurse: Salary

Review the cities offering the best salaries for registered nurses, as presented by Forbes.

The nursing profession

Young people considering the nursing profession can learn about this work, including typical tasks and work environments.

Career in nursing

The Kentucky Board of Nursing provides an overview of nursing, including various nursing programs that produce nurses with different scopes and pay grades.

[Why emergency nursing?][23] [23]:

The Emergency Nurses Association outlines the typical characteristics of people who make effective emergency nurses. Explore common environments where emergency nurses work, including hospitals and crisis intervention centers.

Envision your nursing future

A person considering a nursing research career must choose the type of program to pursue, including a bachelor’s or master’s degree program. Additional educational opportunities are available after completing a master’s degree program as well.

Nursing careers

North Carolina anticipates a critical nursing shortage, making this location an attractive state for nurses looking for competitive wages and varied job opportunities.

Hospice nursing

A hospice nurse’s job can be challenging emotionally due to the nature of the role, but it is also a very valued service for patients and their families.

What’s an NP?

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners lists education and training requirements and typical job responsibilities.

APRNS in the U.S.

An advanced practice nurse is a registered nurse with additional training and skills in a specified field, such as midwifery or anesthesia.

Women’s health nurse practitioner

A women’s health nurse practitioner provides specialized care for women in reproduction, gynecology, obstetrics, family planning, eating disorders, and menopause.

Career opportunities in geriatric nursing

Geriatric nurses specialize in caring for the elderly population. Geriatric nurses might work in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and home care.

What is a registered nurse?

The government of Western Australia provides this information on the qualifications and responsibilities of a registered nurse.

Trauma nurse certification

Trauma nurses work in emergency rooms and clinics, providing acute care to stabilize injured or ill patients. Registered nurses can earn trauma nurse certification to certify specialized training and knowledge within the field of trauma care.

Careers in plastic surgical nursing FAQs

Plastic surgical nurses may work in hospitals or clinics to provide care for patients undergoing plastic surgery procedures. Nurses in this field may further narrow their specialization by focusing on anesthesia, pediatric, or reconstructive care.

Certified registered nurse anesthetists fact sheet

The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists has published a fact sheet with information about being a certified registered nurse anesthetist, a professional who administers anesthesia to patients during surgical procedures.

Nursing salaries by specialty

Explore the different projected salaries for nurses in different specialties

Becoming a pediatric nurse

Pediatric nurses provide care for children in different health care settings. Because children have differing physiology from adults, they require specialized care.

Why choose nursing?

The Nurse Journal presents information about the nursing profession and the opportunities that exist within this field.

Why choose nursing as your career?

Registered nurses can work within a variety of fields to provide health care. Employment opportunities are extensive due to nationwide nurse shortages.

Nursing as a career

Explore the experiences of first-year nursing students to learn about this field and typical student studies.

The definition of school nursing

The National Association of School Nurses defines this nursing position. The registered nurse working in an academic setting provides case management for students while promoting health and safety.